The Firm was founded in 1979 backed by Mr Pedro Albácar López’s professional activity, as a prolongation of the activity performed as of the sixties by Despacho Anglada-Albácar.

The Firm, which was immediately joined by Mr Joaquín Clusa Barrabés, progressively increased its number of members until reaching the present group of members and associates. In 1997, it was transformed into a Professional Company, under its current name Estudio Jurídico Albácar-Clusa y Asociados, S.C.P.

From the beginning, our prime professional dedication has been focused to commercial law, including its different branches: bankruptcy, corporate and banking; and to civil law, particularly in its branches of family, inheritance, obligations and real estate.

The Firm is still developing its most outstanding works on these fields, both from a procedural and negotiation and contracting point of view. Similarly, it has been advising national and foreign companies in their current businesses and in extraordinary situations of equity crisis, reorganization, sales, mergers and acquisitions or other special circumstances.