Civil Law

Undoubtedly, the origin of Law is found in civil law; the law that regulates relations between individuals. The extraordinary specialization and experience of our Firm, from its beginnings, has linked our daily activity to this branch of Law: separation and divorce proceedings, marriage annulments, monetary claims, inheritance counseling…


Commercial Law

We conceive our professional work as a direct and personal involvement in the progress of the company; not a mere external advice but to become one with our client; aware of the difficulties that today are posed to entrepreneurship; from the constitution and design of strategic plans for entrepreneurs and new companies…


Administrative Law

Undoubtedly, one of the subjects where our firm makes the difference. The deal with the Administration, the advice and follow-up of administrative procedures, public procurement, the processing and obtaining of licenses or the defense against inspections, orders, prohibitions or actions in general of the Public Administrations…


Criminal Law

In recent years we have made an enormous effort – and we are continuing in that line – to intensify the legal advice and defense of our clients in the criminal field. Economic crimes, urban planning and territorial planning, punishable insolvencies, corporate crimes, crimes against public finances and subsidy fraud, are only an example of…


Real Estate Law

We are experts in everything related to Horizontal Property and Urban Leasing, Construction Law, conflicts between developers, builders and final purchasers, responsibilities of agents involved in the construction process and tax issues related to this matter.


Tax Law

With the recent incorporation of Fernando Albácar, the Fiscal Area is strengthened in the area of international taxation. In our office we solve all the problems related to Tax Law, both in the field of prior advice, evacuation of queries to the Directorate General of Taxes and analogous regional bodies, as in inspection, economic-administrative or…


Liability Claims

All the aspects linked by the wide range of legal responsibility, both civil, as patrimonial-administrative: traffic accidents, medical negligence, liability for defective products, for deficient provision of public services, health responsibility and abnormal operation of the Administration.